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Deadheads were yesterday, today we have SLB

SLB is a cargo exchange that specially and only is targeted on bulk transports.
With this tool you minimize your costs because you avoid deadheads.
SLB achieves success since 2002
By increasing our attendances it is our aim to increase our efficiency.

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October 2019

Here we exemplify the last ten cargos
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03253 Doberlug DE   34117 Kassel DE   22-10-2019 Baustoffe | Baustoffe  info
  Bremerhaven DE     Bersenbrück DE   24-10-2019 GMP | GMP  info
  Bremerhaven DE     Düsseldorf DE   24-10-2019 GMP | MCP  info
65201 Wiesbaden DE   74582 Gerabronn DE   23-10-2019 Sonstiges | Mischfutter  info
  Bremerhaven DE     Kleinheubach DE   28-10-2019 GMP | Futtermittelzusatz Lysine  info
  Hof DE     Gorinchem NL   22-10-2019 GMP | Weizen  info
  Bremerhaven DE     Regensburg DE   25-10-2019 GMP | Futtermittelzusatz Lysine  info
57 Wenden-Hünsborn DE   31 Peine DE   23-10-2019 Sonstiges | Öldolomit (lose)  info
57 Wenden-Hünsborn DE   31 Peine DE   22-10-2019 Sonstiges | Öldolomit (lose)  info
20095 Hamburg 10 Tage Zahlungsziel DE   49661 Cloppenburg DE   22-10-2019 GMP | GMP  info